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Detailed breakdown of maximum prices for all zones
Zone 1
Zone 1a
Zone 1ANE
Zone 1ANW
Zone 1AS
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 3a
Zone 3b
Zone 3c
Zone 4
Zone 4a
Zone 5
Zone 5a
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 7a
Zone 7b
Zone 7W
Zone 7SE
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10
Zone 11
Zone 11a
Zone 11b
Zone 12
Zone 13
Zone 13a
Zone 14
Avalon Peninsula (Motor Fuels Only)
Bell Island (All Fuels)
Avalon Peninsula Northeast (Heating Fuels Only)
Avalon Peninsula Northwest (Heating Fuels Only)
Avalon Peninsula South (Heating Fuels Only)
Burin Peninsula / Bonavista Peninsula (All Fuels)
Central Newfoundland / Notre Dame Bay East (All Fuels)
St. Brendan's (Island) (All Fuels)
Fogo Island (All Fuels)
Change Islands (All Fuels)
Connaigre Peninsula (All Fuels)
Gaultois / McCallum/ Rencontre East (All Fuels)
Springdale - Green Bay / Triton / Baie Verte Peninsula (All Fuels)
Long Island (All Fuels)
Deer Lake / Corner Brook / Bay of Islands / Gros Morne (All Fuels)
Stephenville/Port au Port/Codroy Valley/Channel-Port aux Basques/Burgeo (Motor Fuels Only)
Ramea (All Fuels)
Grey River / François / Grand Bruit / La Poile (All Fuels)
Stephenville / Port au Port / Codroy Valley / Channel - Port aux Basques (Heating Fuels Only)
Burgeo (Heating Fuels Only)
Northern Peninsula - Gros Morne National Park to Bellburns (All Fuels)
Northern Peninsula to Englee and St. Anthony (All Fuels)
Labrador - The Straits to Red Bay (All Fuels)
Labrador South - Lodge Bay / Cartwright (All Fuels)
Coastal Labrador South - Tanker Supplied (All Fuels)
Coastal Labrador South - Drum Delivery (All Fuels)
Central Labrador (All Fuels)
Western Labrador (All Fuels)
Churchill Falls (All Fuels)
Coastal Labrador North (All Fuels)

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