Public Utilities

Investigation and Hearing into Supply Issues and Power Outages on the Island Interconnected System

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Applications

Application for Approval of the Deferral and Recovery of Expenses

Application for Interim Approval of Revisions to Utility Rate to Newfoundland Power

2015 Capital Budget

2014 Capital Budget/Supplementary Applications

Supply & Install 100MW Combustion Turbine Generator

Installation of Diesel Units for the Purpose of Blackstarting

New Transmission Line Corridor from Bay d'Espoir to Western Avalon

2013 General Rate Application

2014 Interim Rates - Application

2014 Second Interim Rates - Application

RSP Rules and Refund to be Provided to NP Customers and Hydro Rural Customers

Newfoundland Power Applications

2015 Capital Budget Application

2014 Capital Budget

Approval to Replace the Bell Island Submarine Cable

Approval of Supplemental Capital Expenditure - Electrical System Improvements

Approval of Thermal Generation Refurbishment

Automobile Insurance

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